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Throw out bearing? squeeking noise. Jump to Latest Follow ... I think its my throw out bearing that squeaks when i just have it in neutral and then i put the clutch pedal and it goes away. then i release it and it squeaks again continuously. ... A forum community dedicated to all Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion ...Ionic vs covalent worksheet answers
Feb 21, 2019 · Most likely scenario is the throwout bearing. But really the only way to know is to take the transmission off and take a look at it. Like I said before I'm having very very similar problem that you were having and I still feel like it's a bad throwout bearing.

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We put a new throw out bearing in there as well. When the car is idling it makes a knocking/tapping noise. When I press the clutch in, the noise completely goes away. Also if I put the car in gear and drive I can hear the tapping/knocking noise as well.

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3K miles ago the throw out bearing started to make noise. It was that hi pitch noise when the throw out bearing hits the levers on the pressure plate. Te dealership took the tranny down and replaced the throw out bearing. (no $$$ for me - they are real good people!) So last week the new throw out bearing started to make noise again. Same hi ...

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May 10, 2018 · Beat on them at the track and on the street and they kept on working. I used the Exedy Slave Cylinder (no throw out bearing in 05+ Mustangs, they are all hydraulic actuated btw) that came with the kit in each case. Guess it possibly depends on your definition of "a crap ton of noise". Performance upgrades often equate to increased driveline noise.

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yup, you need a throw-out bearing. Replace the clutch disc if its markedly worn down to the rivets and the pressure plate if its scarred up or the fingers are bent/broken. A new throw-out bearing will cost you 80.oo-100.oo, a clutch and pressure plate will set you back another 200.oo-300.oo.

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Yep, sounds like a classic throwout bearing! You probably have time to save up for a new one, but the squeak will eventually become a growl. I let one go like that in my '88 Mustang, and of course it started growling when I was between Corollas...

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Rattles like 3 or 4 times. Goes away with the clutch pedal released or after the 4th rattle. Dealer said it was a bad DM flywheel, replaced it, noise is still there. I just put in a new pressure plate, clutch disk, slave cylinder/throwout bearing. Still there. Am I losing my mind or is it actually something wrong?

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In some of my mustangs in the past I use to get a squeaking sound coming from the throwout bearing. Like you said, when you rested your foot on the pedal giving it slight pressure it would go away. I fixed this problem by putting a thin layer of bearing grease on the outside of the throwout bearing where it rests on the clutch.

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May 23, 2004 · On my 65, I am replacing the throwout bearing. I got it out, and then pressed (wood block and hammer) it out of its little plate thing it goes into. Now, sticking out of the bearing is a sleeve. What I am wondering is, is that supposed to be pressed out too or not?? My new throwout bearing doesnt have this sleeve.

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I'm not sure what it is, I took it in to my shop and they told me it was the throw out bearing. The noise is made with the clutch pushed in AND out, so idk if it's the TOB. It happens when revving the car, as well as when driving normally. It happens the most when driving and you clutch in, sometimes it happens when accelerating in gear.

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